Waarde-opvoeding in Skole: Kan dit? Moet dit?


  • J. A. Rens, Dr.
  • J. L. van der Walt, Prof.
  • N. J. Vreken, Prof.


In South Africa and in the rest of the world there is a value-dilemma, which is obvious in the prioritising of values by different people and groups of people. The importance of values and values-education are not being ignored and throughout the world value-education programmes are being developed. This article focuses on two questions, firstly the question whether values-education is the task of the school and secondly if so, whose values should be taught/instilled at school.
The above-mentioned questions are being addressed in this article from a reformational-educational perspective. It has already been stated that values and education are inseperable bound to each other. The school as educational institution has the task to provide values-education. In order to address the question of whose values should be taught, the conclusion was made that although universal values are being taught in many programmes religious values still are the values that direct or guide all the other and that few people will compromise that. There cannot be neutral values and any value-orientation will be religiously “coloured”.



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Rens, J. A., van der Walt, J. L., & Vreken, N. J. (2005). Waarde-opvoeding in Skole: Kan dit? Moet dit?. Tydskrif Vir Christelike Wetenskap | Journal for Christian Scholarship, 41(3 - 4), 215-229. Retrieved from https://pubs.ufs.ac.za/index.php/tcw/article/view/59



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