• Interdisciplinary Journal of Management Sciences

    The IJMS is a scholarly platform dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of management science across various disciplines. This peer-reviewed Journal aims to facilitate the evolution of management science as a dynamic field with practical implications for diverse industries and promote innovative research that combines principles, methodologies, and insights from diverse areas to address complex challenges in the field of management. IJMS invites original research articles, review papers, case studies, and conceptual and theoretical opinions that align with its aim and scope. The Journal is tailored for scholars, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers interested in interdisciplinary approaches to management science, seeking to bridge the gap between theory and practice and contribute to advancing knowledge in the field.

  • Interdisciplinary Journal of Education Research

    IJER is a double-blind peer-reviewed "open access" journal targeted toward publishing advanced research reports across the fields of education. Articles should provide empirical, conceptual, or theoretical perspectives on current educational issues. Our interest is limited to thought-provoking interdisciplinary debates on education across various interests. IJER prioritises intellectual and global debates on primary, secondary and higher education institutions with no methodological, geographical and ideological limitations. IJER also publishes book reviews, comprehensive reviews of applicable literature, original opinion pieces, and commentaries or analyses of issues within education.

  • International Journal of Studies in Psychology


    The International Journal of Studies in Psychology (IJSPSY) is hosted, archived, and maintained by the  Library and Information Services, University of the Free State in South Africa.

    Publishing information

    GAERPSY Publishing publishes the IJSPSY, is based in South Africa, which is an open-access academic and peer-reviewed journals. For more information, please contact us at info@gaerpsy.com.

    Publication frequency

    In 2021, the IJSPSY published three issues. From 2022 up to today, the IJSPSY has published two issues yearly.

    Dr. Robert K. Mukuna (PhD), University of the Free State, South Africa 

    Emails: Editor-ijspsy@gaerpsy.com 


  • Interdisciplinary Journal of Sociality Studies

    IJSS provides a platform for academics, practitioners, and social development experts to publish their intellectual works.  IJSS encourages empirical research, theoretical argument, review and conceptual opinions on social development, policies and practices, relationships and innovations that empower individuals, families, groups, organisations, and small and large entities. Our interest is limited to social-related issues, social interpretations, and emancipation of socially disadvantaged groups, which contributes to creating a socially just, rights and humanity-based context.

  • Interdisciplinary Journal of Rural and Community Studies

    IJRCS provides open access platform for academics and community development experts to publish their findings.  IJRCS welcomes articles that provide discourse on rural development, policies and practices, and community-related studies from regional, provincial, community and global perspectives. Interdisciplinary debates on rural and community emancipation, focusing on social, educational, economic, political, environmental, local and urban influence, gender dominance and marginalisation, and resource allocation issues are also welcome. The predominant focus is to publish articles that contribute to the sustainable development of the disadvantaged towards emancipation and self-reliance. IJRCS invites empirical studies, conceptual and theoretical opinions, book reviews, reviews of relevant literature, and commentaries. 

  • Tydskrif vir Christelike Wetenskap | Journal for Christian Scholarship

    Die Tydskrif vir Christelike wetenskap is ʼn geakkrediteerde tydskrif van filosofies-wetenskaplike benadering en uitkyk, wat prinsipiële besinning oor wetenskaplikheid ten doel het. In die wetenskaplike ondersoek, gelei deur filosofiese vooronderstellinge, word die essensie van wetenskap grondig nagevors, met kritiese reflektering op werklikheidsbeskouing.

    The Journal for Christian scholarship is an accredited journal which is philosophical and scientific in its approach and outlook, aimed at foundational reflection in scholarship. Through scholarly research, guided by philosophical presuppositions, the significance of science is thoroughly investigated, by also reflecting critically on the meaning of worldview.