About the Journal

The IJSIE is a double-blinded, peer-reviewed, fully open-access journal providing an advanced platform and opportunities for inclusive education-related research outputs. The IJSIE welcomes empirical, conceptual, academic, and theoretical articles critically analyzed and interpreted in all its holistic approach to inclusive education: inclusive education, learning barriers, learners or students with special needs, etc. The scholarly articles must be prepared, treated, and interpreted with the same academic rigor expected of academic research. Scholarly publishing has only recently begun to exploit the full potential of networked digital technologies, which affects the broader process of research communication, including public access to and engagement with research. Influential trends towards responsible research and innovation, the globalisation of research, the emergence and inclusion of new or previously excluded stakeholders, and the advent of open science are reshaping scholarly publishing's scope and nature. The IJSIE publishes research, reviews, scholarly writings, and reports concerning the inclusion of learners (students) with special learning needs in mainstream classrooms. The IJSIE is focused on inclusion issues in all educational endeavours, such as research, administrative issues, teaching and learning in classrooms, and inclusion of students at higher institutions. The IJSIE defines inclusive education within the broad context of the Salamanca statement guidelines. Special Education has within its heritage the perspectives of advocating for persons with exceptionalities and embracing individual differences.