Exploring Educational Technologies Used by Mthwakazi University Rural Satellite Campuses to Implement Distance Teacher Education Programmes


  • Benkosi Madlela University of South Africa




Educational technology, Mthwakazi university, Rurality, Satellite campuses, Teacher education


The 21st century has seen a massive advent of technologies, arguably more than any other time in the history of humankind. Education systems worldwide have embraced emerging technologies to expedite their teaching and learning systems to stay abreast and relevant to the time. The study explored the types of educational technologies used by Mthwakazi University (MU) rural satellite campuses to implement distance teacher education programmes. An interpretive research paradigm was employed using a qualitative research approach and a case study design. Interviews were used to gather data from six purposively selected lecturers at MU rural satellite campuses. Data was analysed narratively under emerging themes. Findings concluded that lecturers at MU rural satellite campuses used limited educational technologies, mostly traditional paper and text, due to electricity and internet challenges and lecturers’ lack of ICT skills and knowledge. The study recommended that MU rural satellite campuses should use flash drives, Compact Disks (CDs) and Digital Versatile/Video Disks (DVDs) to download Encarta, encyclopedia and updated information and upload it into computers for access by students, invest in alternative internet sources like dongles and wireless mobile networks like ECONET and MTN.


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