Research ethics and integrity: What should be on the agenda?


  • Laetus O. K. Lategan Central University of Technology, South Africa


This paper reviews the complexity of and challenges associated with research ethics and integrity. The author builds the research on four hypotheses which are literature informed. The paper is based on a qualitative research approach where the focus is on scholarly review of texts. This study departs from the important role (postgraduate) supervision is playing in the development of a researcher’s career. The author argues that this is a central activity that can secure the development of a research culture informed by ethics and integrity. Closely linked to this is another central feature of academic life, namely scholarship. The author argues that scholarly training can avoid the pitfalls of scientific misconduct. The paper also presents some markers for a research ethics code and a possible code itself. The view is promoted that researchers should be educated and trained in research ethics codes. The paper concludes with the view that motive is an inner driver for ethical behaviour. The motive should be an expression of the researcher’s responseability.



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Lategan, L. O. K. (2011). Research ethics and integrity: What should be on the agenda?. Tydskrif Vir Christelike Wetenskap | Journal for Christian Scholarship, 47(2), 71-89. Retrieved from



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