Mission and the Workplace – the example of Paul


  • Francois Tolmie University of the Free State, South Africa


Nuwe Testament, Paulus, Sending, Werkplek, Tentmakery, New Testament, Paul, Mission, Workplace, Tentmaking


According to the Letters of Paul and the Book of Acts, Paul supported himself by labouring with his own hands. In this article, the implications of Paul’s example in this regard for the twenty-first century are considered. In the first section a brief overview of scholarly research on the concept ?????????? is offered. In the next section the question is considered as to whether tentmaking was a missionary strategy that was deliberately chosen by Paul. It is argued that this question should be answered in a nuanced way. In the last section, the appropriation of all of this within our current situation is considered. After a brief discussion of two opposing ways in which this has been done in recent times, some suggestions for the appropriation of Paul’s example are made.



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