Pneumatologie as dinamiese modus vir deurlopende goddelike handeling in komplekse sisteme


  • A. C. Pieterse University of the Free State, South Africa


The purpose of this article is to focus on God’s pneumatological agency as the most likely method of His interaction with complex physical systems in creation. The premise is that God’s providential care and upholding of creation includes contingency as an important tool in the evolutionary development of systems in nature. Contingency does not necessarily imply a devaluation of God’s omnipotence. In this dialogue between science and theology the input of both disciplines are important. The nature of complex physical systems accentuate the need for this approach, and the claims of scientism as an ideology is being questioned. The argument starts with a brief mention of certain cosmological perspectives which has a definite influence on the way God’s agency in general are being treated. The focus then shifts to defining complex systems and the probability of God’s pneumatological agency in contingent processes, e.g. the different permutations of antibodies in the human body to fight off infections. The whole debate about intelligent design and irreducible complexity is briefly mentioned, although it is not the primary focus of this research. In conclusion, a dialogue between the sciences will benefit the expansion of knowledge and further highlight the true complexity of creation. God’s pneumatological agency plays an active part in a cosmos which was endowed with procreative abilities.



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