Onderwyser-leierskap vir Positiewe Onderrig- en Leerklimaat


  • J. Heystek, Prof. Stellenbosch University, South Africa


Discipline is a generic problem in any school. The intensity or perception about what is unacceptable behaviour problems may differ form school to school but all schools experience discipline problems. In this article the teacher as learning and teaching leader are the focus to prevent or improve possible disciplinary problems. Respect and trust as key concepts are discussed to ensure positive relationship as basis for positive discipline in the class. Teachers are also inclined to label individuals or groups of learners which may have an influence on the relationship and with a possible influence on the discipline situation in the class. The research was conducted in three different school settings, namely a former black school, a former only white school with a currant large number of black learners and a number of coloured and former white schools with a currant small number of nonwhite learners.



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