• Authors, under any circumstances, are privileged to challenge editorial decisions by appealing for reconsideration if they perceive unfair elements in the editorial decisions. To do this, an appeal letter must be submitted with a detailed explanation of the issues, nature of the appeal and argument on why the editorial decision is considered unfair.
  • Such appeal will be submitted to the editor-in-chief, which shall be reviewed alongside the section editor and the concerned reviewers. New reviewers may be invited to re-evaluate the study, and the editor-in-chief will make the final decision.


  • In case of any complaints, which may be related to journal policies, procedures, the publication process, or the conduct of editorial staff, among others, the detailed complaints should be sent to the editor-in-chief or the publisher (ERRCDF) via email. All complaints via the stipulated channel will be acknowledged within 48 hours upon which the resolution process will be initiated. After that, the resolution shall be made known to the complainants via email.