The heavenly sanctuary motif in the Thessalonian “Apocalypse”


  • Mario N. Phillip University of the Southern Carribbean, Trinidad and Tobago


Heavenly sanctuary, Man of lawlessness, Temple of God, Restrainer


The heavenly sanctuary as a motif and doctrine is not relegated to parts of Scripture and unbeknown to others. A careful survey of the Scripture, particularly the Epistles, reveal(s) the ubiquity of the sanctuary motif in Scripture. 2 Thess 2:1-12 presents a vivid attestation of the reality of the heavenly sanctuary in its prototypical sense existing in a dynamic relationship to the earthly, as a metaphorical reality, a place of divineactivities, and as the sphere of cosmic conflict. These all receive their efficacy in as much as they stand in direct correspondence to theheavenly reality. The sanctuary is shown as the apocalyptic barometer which signals both the dawn of the Parousia, and also the judgment of God against Satan, his emissaries and their followers.



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