Hoop in ? tyd van sinisme: ? Trinitariese perspektief


  • Rian Venter University of the Free State, South Africa


A disturbing social phenomenon has been manifesting itself – a pervasive distrust of the political system and a consequent loss of optimism that the future may hold any promise of improvement. Intellectual reflection on this cultural discontent has increasingly labelled this consciousness “cynical”. It is argued that “cynicism” is a particular apt key to unlock the South African collective psyche. The question is raised about an appropriate theological response. The central thesis of the article proposes that a retrieval of hope is required, and that this should be based on a revisioned notion of divine agency. A specific Trinitarian interpretation of divine agency is developed to counter Enlightenment misgivings about the divine. Such an understanding of God’s action foregrounds the centrality of hope, the dialectic of suffering and justice, and the possibility of a historical novum. Faith in a triune God should be expressed in a spirituality of hope which can effectively counter contemporary cynicism.



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Venter, R. (2013). Hoop in ? tyd van sinisme: ? Trinitariese perspektief. Tydskrif Vir Christelike Wetenskap | Journal for Christian Scholarship, 49(3), 125-142. Retrieved from https://pubs.ufs.ac.za/index.php/tcw/article/view/318



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