Die Godheid van Jesus Christus in Paulus se brief aan die Romeine


  • Pieter Verster Navorsingsgenoot: Fakulteit Teologie, Universiteit van die Vrystaat.


Belydenis. Godheid van Jesus Christus. Sacra Scriptura sui ipsius interpres est. Seun van God. Sola Scriptura


This article aims to approach the prevailing debate about the Divinity of Jesus Christ in light of the letter to the Romans and draw a conclusion about it. The framework is therefore to analyse the issues concerning the Divinity of Christ in Romans and analyse it in light of the sola Scriptura and sacra Scriptura sui ipsius interpres est points of departure. This means that the way in which Nagel and Lampe in particular question and also reject the Divinity of Christ is taken into consideration. Especially the decisive text of Romans 9:5 is considered, but also the passages that refer to Jesus Christ as Son of God, salvation through faith in or through Jesus Christ or loyalty to Jesus Christ, and the recognition of Jesus as Lord (Kyrios). The methodology followed here is to indicate the different points of view and then consider the evidence to come to one’s own conclusion about it. When the various texts are considered, the context in which they appear is especially taken into account. The finding is that there is sufficient evidence that the Divinity of Christ is recognized in the letter to the Romans. It can therefore be indicated that the letter to the Romans is central to Paul’s preaching.



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